Regular audit performance reports and asset registry.

Virtual IT Director / VCIO  services offered by webtech is focused towards the best implementation of strategical sides of corporate IT like doing review of your IT and IT Security Policy. Implementing IT changes to incorporate best IT infrastructure practises in your company.


Why a growing business needs a Virtual IT Director ?

Usually, small organisations do not afford to have a full time senior level representative with a background of commercial, leadership and technology skills to run the IT. This mostly happens because cost of hiring an individual with such qualities are too much for a small startup organisation. So hiring a Virtual IT Director is an ideal solution for such needs.

Whether you’re an ambitious start-up, SME or commercial enterprise, our Virtual IT Director service will help. With proven skills across a wide range of sectors, we have the experience to design and implement the services, solutions, and strategy to deliver a wide range of business goals.



  • Change Management
    Proactively in place for when your business needs to change direction and implement new technologies
  • Leadership Guidance
    Overall IT policy, direction and budgeting
  • Forward Thinking
    Microsoft Certified experts performing risk analysis to eliminate costly mistakes
  • Technical Direction
    Attendance at management and board meetings
  • Dynamic Influencing
    Management and quality assurance of third-party suppliers
  • Reliable Relationship
    Telephone availability for general technical discussion


What we do

We will discuss your vision for technology in your business and your overall goals. We will then put in place a Virtual IT Director to develop, deliver and guide your IT strategy to its objectives.

Customers can expect to see:

  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Future-focused technologies


How a Virtual IT Director / vCIO can help ? 

Budget & cost control
Understand the full picture of your IT expenditure and ensure any future spend is based on a measured return on investment.

Decision making
Technical and commercial experience will help you make informed decisions to shape the future growth of your business.

Communication skills
Many SMEs don’t understand technical language but do understand commercials. Engaging with  our virtual IT Director / vCIO will ensure you have someone that can interpret technical jargon into commercially meaningful language.

Stay ahead of the curve
Our virtual IT Director / vCIO will proactively keep your business ahead of technology curves ensuring you are always aware of the latest advancements and if appropriate, present a business case for their adoption.

Data management
The management of an organisation’s data is a vital role where confidentiality, integrity and availability are critical to success. A virtual IT Director /  vCIO will ensure the protection of your data with the correct policies and procedures implemented and managed going forward.

Project management
IT projects need not be undertaken at risk if the team responsible are experienced and capable. A virtual IT Director /vCIO will take the lead and overall responsibility for the implementation of IT projects to mitigate risk and ensure success.


How we do it

Webtech has over 8 years of experience providing businesses with a range of Connectivity (Ethernet and Broadband), Cloud Solutions, IT Support Services and Telecoms.  We focus on saving customer money by suggesting best solution which is the optimal one and fullfills the IT requirements of the organisation.


The overall cost is £700 per month, this price provides everything you would receive from a IT Director at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time member of staff.

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